April 2012

Celebrating school teams this spring!

eTwinning welcomed spring with the annual conference in Berlin from 29 - 31 March. During the conference the European eTwinning Prize winners received their awards and more than 500 teachers participated from across Europe. The focus of the conference was on school teams, also the highlight of this year’s Spring Campaign.


To further support school teams’ collaboration, all eTwinners are encouraged to get involved and share their views and experiences on school teams the desktop. In this newsletter you will find resources, links and other features on school teams. Enjoy!

Focus of the month: School Teams make a better eTwinning

School Teams can enhance teachers’ professional development and help your school move forward. But especially improve eTwinning and its teachers’ community.


Further ideas on school teams: have a look at the eTwinning conference blog

As this year the work on the eTwinning conference focused on the fostering of school teams, a number of workshops were dedicated to ways of building effective school teams.

Discover some tips and advice to better work with colleagues in your schools and to set up an eTwinning team on the conference blog.

For the first time in eTwinning the best eTwinning project was awarded during the conference. The winner of this award was the project ATOM, example of school team good practice.



How can you participate to the School Teams Campaign?
--> Connect to your desktop and share your own experience or wishes by publishing a post on your Journal with the tag “school team”.
--> Check out which projects involve already a team.
--> Take a look at the interviews, tutorial and FAQ.
"In e Twinning, teachers connect with teachers so that students can connect." Anne Looney

What’s going on in schools?

Project of the Month
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What's the Price?

The aim of the project is to create a website with prices of food, drinks and other products in various countries. The website should be a helpful resource for tourists so there will also be information about local products and tourist attractions.

Quality Label of the Month
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Studies have proven that pupils are most likely to learn when they are engaged in the learning process. EUROBOTS 2 .0 will use robotics motivational effects to engage pupils and excite them mainly about science and technology.

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Top European winners awarded in Berlin

The eTwinning annual conference was held in Berlin from 29 to 31 March. Over 500 teachers from 31 countries, actively participated in a very lively programme of presentations, workshops and activities.


Join the generations@school project!

The European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012 is the occasion to add an intergenerational element to your eTwinning projects! Get involved by inviting older generations to your school and letting your pupils exchange and learn with and from them!