May 2012

Collaborate and learn from winning projects!

The aim of the eTwinning conference and camp is, among others, to celebrate the best European collaborative projects using ICT. This month's newsletter draws your attention to two winning projects of the eTwinning Prizes 2012. New eTwinners are particularly encouraged to find inspiration and make their own project.

Focus of the month: get inspired by the eTwinning winning projects

During the eTwinning conference in Berlin the eTwinning team had the opportunity to interview the founders of some winning projects of the eTwinning Prizes 2012. Have a look at the videos and find your inspiration.


Spotlight on: "The new adventures of Twinnies around the world"
The project aimed to create a story written by the pupils of all the partners’ schools. Each school had to write a part of the story set in its own country, showing the main characters near famous landmarks, in particular towns, eating traditional dishes and playing traditional games.
"I found very experienced and hard worker partners". Marina Screpanti



Spotlight on "SOHO: Sunspots Online - Helios Observatory"
SOHO was an Astronomy project observing sun spots from several locations in Europe. Pupils learnt about our closest star, the Sun, how it can affect the Earth's weather and more. 
"The creativity in this project was to demonstrate to our pupils that  sciences can be studied through international communication and partnership." Jean-Noel Peudeutour


What’s going on in schools?

Project of the Month
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Te doy un poema, me das un cuadro

"I give you a poem, you give me a picture". Pupils in Narbonne and Switzerland look for a poem and explain what kind of emotions or sensations they feel. Pupils in Spain try to find a picture that has a relation with this poem and also express their opinion and emotions.

Quality Label of the Month
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Why visit our country

Pupils examine the visitor attractions in their own area/country and discuss why they feel they would attract tourists. Discussions take place as to the social, environmental and economic effects that tourism has on a country and sustainability.

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Teaching Sans Frontières - eTwinning reaches out to hospital teachers

Just because a child is in hospital it does not mean they have to forgo or put their education on hold. This is all thanks to teachers working in hospitals. A recent workshop in Sweden highlighted this "hidden group" and encouraged them to get involved in eTwinning.


eTwinning Camp: winners met in Antalya

From 25-29 April, over 100 teachers and pupils met in Antalya, Turkey, for the eTwinning Camp 2012. The camp was organised for the winners of the eTwinning Prizes 2012 which were awarded in Berlin a few weeks ago at the eTwinning Annual conference.