June 2012

Get ready for your summer holidays!

Before your well-deserved summer break, eTwinning invites you to discover who the Friends of eTwinning are. On this newsletter you will find project ideas, useful links and interviews on Friends of eTwinning. Such resources will help you be well prepared for the coming school year.

Discover the "Friends of eTwinning"

eTwinning works in close collaboration with a number of international organisations and initiatives - known as "Friends of eTwinning" - to provide to eTwinning schools with a number of tools, opportunities, material and help based on their individual expertise.

Spotlight on EUROCLIO, the European Association of History Education

EUROCLIO, the European Association of History Educators, is one of the “Friends of eTwinning” and offers training and seminars for history teachers at a European level. Read the interview with Geert Kessels, Project manager at EUROCLIO, to know more about the platform and its collaboration with eTwinning.


"eTwinning offers a natural alliance between History teachers from across Europe. History teachers can find common ground on which to communicate and build projects together." Geert Kessels



Have a look at the full list of eTwinning Friends and discover how they are ready to help you!



What’s going on in schools?

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From garbage to garden

The idea is to work on the garbage from the school canteen and find solutions to reduce or recycle it. Pupils have to make their own garden in town, from recycled items and compost from vegetal garbage. They have to be creative and make an original garden, working on arts (literature, visual arts).

Quality Label of the Month
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Show me around

Pupils get to know different cultures and different lifestyles of their peers living in another country. Pupils introduce themselves in an acrostic poem (“I am” poem), create a family tree, present their family and friends and illustrate their room/house/flat/town/area.

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Capture student’s imagination by making Maths real with ICT

According to Mr Richard English, lecturer from the University of Hull in the UK, if mathematics is taught in an entertaining manner relating to the pupils everyday life you will engage them more on that topic.


eTwinning School Teams: divide the task and multiply the success

In May, we ran a quick poll on the desktop on “School Teams”. We wanted to know what your impressions on that theme were. The results are very interesting!