December 2012

eTwinning sends you its best wishes.

As we are reaching the winter break and the end of the year, we take this opportunity to send you our best wishes. Enjoy your well-deserved holidays, and if you have some time, why don’t you use this as an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the changes that just occurred. It could also be an ideal time to continue your projects or to start new ones.


Happy holidays!


Updates on the eTwinning portal

We are happy to present the new “Discover” section, now containing the “People say” page, where teachers, experts in education and ICT, representatives of European institutions and national ministries of education talk about their experience with eTwinning.  What’s more, you will now find under “Discover”, “The benefits of eTwinning for pupils” - a revised version of the “Pupils’ corner”. We have also modified the page “Tools”. The aim is to provide a simpler and easier-to-read layout, which gives you an even stronger incentive to take part in eTwinning, so we hope you will like it as well!

 And we’ve introduced the “European Corner” under “Keep up-to-date”, which is a place where you can get information about what is going on in education in Europe.  For example, you can learn about European policies on Education, but also about the educational systems in different European countries.


What’s going on in schools?

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Europe: My Country

Nine European schools, which cater for pupils with disabilities, aim to provide an enriching learning experience for pupils and staff by means of communication, visiting each other and working together. Our chief focus will be to develop a relationship between Europeans of different nations, which transcends barriers of language, distance and differences in culture. We plan to build a bond by sharing ideas and experiences; learning from and about each other, developing cooperation skills, having fun and overcoming challenges together.

Quality Label of the Month
What is the Quality Label?

Travelling Through Cultures

The 7 schools from 7 European countries have been working in collaboration on many different assignments and projects. Students have had many experiences through activities, interviews, assignments and personal contact showcasing the cultural diversity of Europe. We as teachers have been able to stimulate school and individual student involvement in the two major trends in education for international understanding.

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Rethinking Education: Investing in skills

The European Commission has presented its latest strategy on education, entitled Rethinking education: investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes.


Updates on the eTwinning portal

We are happy to present the new “Discover” section and the “European Corner”!