January 2013

Let's make this year successful!

The new year has begun, and it will hopefully be full of personal and professional fulfilment. Regarding your professional fulfilment, we are here, more than ever, to help you undertake projects. Many things are scheduled this year so stay tuned for upcoming information on this year’s events!

With our last quick poll about partner finding tools we realised that more than a fourth of the respondents don’t use the desktop tools, most of them apparently because they were not sure where the tools are. If you want to learn or improve your knowledge of the various tools you can find on eTwinning, you can have a look here and here.


We also had about a third of the respondents asking for more online events with a partner-finding focus. Two partner finding fairs are planned, the first one on the 20th of February, and the second one on the 20th of March.


To see our last online campaign on finding a partner and creating a project, please have a look here.

What’s going on in schools?

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Pupils will know European cultural heroes and makes their own cultural puppets.

Quality Label of the Month
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Advocating a Critical Media Literacy

Youngsters today are bombarded by media. Media plays an important role in popular culture. Not all the films teenagers watch are appropriate and neither do all films show good examples. This project will advocate for a “Critical Media Literacy” by encouraging teenagers from different European countries to question social norms and behaviours delivered through films seen in students’ free time.

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Projects! Projects! Projects!

From 25th September to 10th October, eTwinners were invited to take part in a number of online activities organised by both the National Support Services and the Central Support Service for eTwinning Weeks 2012. This year’s campaign focused on “Projects! Projects! Projects!”.


Teaching profession in 2025 – what does the future bring? New module now available!

Read the new module on Teaching profession in 2025 – what does the future bring? and discuss with your colleagues about what the future might look like.