March 2013

The eTwinning 2013 Conference is finally happening!

We are happy to launch the eTwinning 2013 Conference, which takes place in Lisbon between the 14th and 16th of March! For those of you who can’t attend, we will keep you posted on the highlights of this exciting event, through articles on the portal.  For those who can’t wait or are looking for more detailed information, you can have a look at the Conference blog, where our bloggers will provide you with information which is streamed live from the event itself.

Discover eTwinning Plus, a partial extension of eTwinning to 6 new countries!

Ever wondered what is life like in Lviv? Or what’s on the curriculum in Chisinau? What kind of technology is most popular in Tbilisi?  eTwinning Plus has been launched, so you can now contact selected schools and teachers in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and (coming soon!) Tunisia.  We hope you will be as enthusiastic as they are to collaborate on educational projects. You can find more information about eTwinning Plus in this article.

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An art project that helps students explore how their identity is shaped by where they live, their interests and the people they know. By having a strong sense of their own identity they can appreciate the diverse nature of the world.

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e-cultural Kaleidoscope

Europe is a mosaic of multiple cultures, not just those that are part of the old continent, but others from other countries that have influenced the culture of them. It is also a fact that the world's cultures influence each other. Culture is a broad concept, however, in our project, we focus it on three main themes: music, art and cuisine of different countries. Europe has a wide and varied range of materials incorporated by tradition, but also enriched with elements "imported" from other continents. The objective of the "e-cultural Kaleidoscope" project is to familiarize students with the richness of European cultures and to improve mutual understanding between students from different ethnic, while improving their communication skills in foreign language and the use of ICT as a means of communication and expression. Collaboration and common cultural encounters will expand the horizons of students and the cross-curricular nature of the project will help develop basic skills.

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eTwinning Plus goes live!

Monday the 4th of March 2013 sees the launch of eTwinning Plus, a partial extension of eTwinning to countries in the European neighbourhood.


E-book on Teachers Room management

A new e-book on running a Teachers Room made by various teachers is now available (English only).