May 2013

Congratulations to all for the 2013 eTwinning Spring Campaign!

It has turned out to be one of the most successful Spring Campaigns ever! 300 eTwinning Events in 29 countries organized and more than 300 posters entered in the competition. Please join us in extending a huge congratulations to the following 3 winners.

Poll shows enthusiasm for eTwinning Plus!

During the first two months of eTwinning Plus, we surveyed more than 2,000 eTwinning teachers to find out how much interest there is in working with eTwinning Plus.We also wanted to find out about the previous experience of the new eTwinning Plus teachers and which countries they would be interested in working with. The results have shown an encouraging start for eTwinning Plus - the desire to find partners is very evident in both directions.

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'I'm lovin' it' - The power of ads

In this project our students exchange different forms of advertisement in Ireland and Germany. They present interesting ads on posters/spots/radio from their own country by analysing them in their foreign language according to its advertising strategies.

Quality Label of the Month
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Graffiti as an art form or a form of vandalism?

Graffiti is a common factor found in each partner taking part in this project. We shall explore the area where we live as a starting point. What are graffiti? The history. What social implications might this bring about? Is it an accepted art form? What do our students think about this expressive art?

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The generations@school kit “Focus on Europe” is now online!

Find a new kit for the generations@school project! This exciting project brings together pupils and older generations to mutually share and learn about their lives and their experiences!


Consumer Classroom

The Inter-School Competition has just been launched. This contest aims a better involvement in the website by creating a campaign or an advertisement on sustainable consumption. The targets are secondary schools across the European Union to raise awareness about consumer issues at schools