September 2013

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We hope that you had a relaxing and inspiring summer break. September is a great occasion for all eTwinners to find new partners and start planning new projects with schools all over Europe. Are you looking for concrete ideas on how to implement a European collaborative project? Check out the project kits. And don’t forget to use the desktop tools to find partners.

eTwinning is getting ready with plenty of new activities and a big surprise to inaugurate the new school year: a video competition. For all details, stay tuned to the eTwinning Portal.

Welcome back and get ready to start another exciting year with eTwinning!


Become an eTwinning film director

Do you love eTwinning? Becoming a film director is one of your unfulfilled dreams? Can you create a masterpiece just with your mobile phone camera? Then congratulations, the new campaign eTwinning is preparing is perfect for you!

Creativity is the only requisite to participate and there will be some interesting prizes for the best videos. Will you take up the challenge? Don’t worry, your pupils can help you out.
More information will be provided soon on the eTwinning Portal.

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The baroque period - Our shared European heritage

Many European cities have got beautiful baroque palaces, churches and other buildings which are part of our cultural heritage and still play an important role concerning our modern identity. This project will link some of those cities and use the baroque places as starting points for an exploration of the baroque period as an example of our shared European heritage. We intend to use an interdisciplinary approach to portrait cultural life of the baroque period. In the course of the project pupils will experience different facets of life at that time, such as music, dance, architecture, art, literature, theatre, opera, food and science.

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Human Rights in Europe between Ideal and Reality

The European project partners see Europe as a historical grown community that shares a common system of values, regarding freedom and equality for all human beings as its essential principles. We want to make our students aware of these cultural similarities but also of the fact that these high values are often violated so that there is a necessity for every single member of this community to take responsibility and to protect them in our daily lives. This means that these rights also come along with certain duties and requirements like integration efforts, respect and tolerance instead of exclusion or intolerance. So the project`s aim is not only to make the educative community aware of the importance of human rights by using music, language and arts, but also to respect and defend those rights so as to become constructively critical European citizens.

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The story of the success of the Spring Campaign 2013 in Italy

The results have been quite impressive in Italy. According to the European portal analytics, with its 59,000 accesses, Italy was the first country in number of visits to the European portal in the month of May 2013 (14% out of the total). Poland was at the second place, with 47,000 visits.