February 2014

Resources from the first set of webinars are now available

Are you ready for the new Continuing Professional Development activities coming in the first semester of 2014? The agenda and further details of the next webinars, workshops and learning events will be published in the following days. Keep posted on the eTwinning Portal!

In the meantime, please check out the main outcomes (including recording of live session) and resources from the first set of webinars, now published on the eTwinning Portal. The webinars addressed themes such as managing social media in eTwinning and classroom management in an IBL environment.

eTwinning launches its virtual book on ambassadors

The eTwinning Central Support Service has just released its virtual book on eTwinning ambassadors. You can already find the English version here.

This virtual publication is aimed to give ambassadors a voice, visibility and recognition. The new eTwinners will get practical information on how to start their eTwinning experience and more advanced users will be able to enrich the knowledge they already have.

Enjoy the new format and the reading!

All translations will be available soon.

What’s going on in schools?

Project of the Month
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Let's share our festivals

The aim of our project is to share our religious and cultural festivals with different countries. We also want to learn and live different culture through photos, videos and different activities. We have many different festivals, for example Ramadan Festival, Sacrifice festival, Hıdırellez, etc. If you join us, we can share our cultures each other. Because we think that sharing culture is the same as sharing the world.

Quality Label of the Month
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Animals and Pets

The idea is for the children (aged 3 to 5) to exchange information about animals and pets. Children will draw pictures of animals, take pictures of pets, write about their pets, write sentences to match animal descriptions, take photos and send a video of songs.

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“How do we want to live in Europe?” – New project kit available

“How do we want to live in Europe?” is a new eTwinning project kit which is slightly different from the rest: Rather than giving an idea for a unique project, it offers a series of activity guides aimed at different age levels.


A bright future for eTwinning under Erasmus+

Erasmus+, the new European programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport, is alive since the 1st of January 2014 and eTwinning is very much part of it! Erasmus+ combines into a single integrated programme; the previous Lifelong Learning Programme (Comenius, Leonardo, Erasmus, Grundtvig and Transversal Programmes), Youth in Action, Jean Monnet, Tempus and Erasmus Mundus.