June 2014

eTwinning launches a new course on online moderation

The course, which will take place from September to December 2014, is addressed at teachers that want to learn more about online moderation and be involved in running the future eTwinning Groups and Learning Events. It will be run completely online and focus on topics such as tutor skills and the development of different online tasks.

If you want to participate, please fill in the pre-registration form that you will find on your eTwinning Desktop before 30 June. For further information about the course, please visit the eTwinning Portal.

The eTwinning team wishes you a nice summer vacation!

European youth are invited to shape the Youth Manifesto for a Better Internet

European youth are invited to have their say on what the internet of the future should look like. Their ideas will shape the Youth manifesto for a Better Internet to be presented to the European Commission and Members of the European Parliament in a high-level event in early November 2014. Young people (between the ages of 9 and 18) also have the opportunity to engage in a competition of resources created for other young people and uploaded to the website. The six most active youth (and their accompanying teachers) will attend the events in Brussels to present the manifesto to policy makers. To take part, visit www.youthmanifesto.eu and start sharing your ideas and resources.

eTwinning is supporting this initiative and invite young people working in eTwinning projects related to a better use of Internet to take part to the Youth Manifesto competition. An eTwinning project kit will be publish soon to provide teachers with a step-by-step guide to start a project on Internet safety and a better use of Internet.

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Math PowerLessons

Students will create math multimedia materials and make them available on the web and on mobile world. Teachers will prepare the lesson plans and the tutorials for the software that will be used.

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Art Connects Us

This project includes cultural and creative aspects. It links such subjects as art, history of arts, music, dance, drama, writing, ICT and English as a foreign language. We will find out about artists from the different countries and produce artwork inspired by their masterpieces. It will also be an opportunity for children to share and compare their creativity across Europe.

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The 'European corner' section has been updated

Teach Europe at school, does it interest you? To learn more about available teaching resources, we talked to Marc Jorna, head of unit 'Citizens Information', DG Communication in the European Commission.


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