September 2014

Don’t miss any opportunities this school year!

Many surprises are waiting for you this school year, because eTwinning is going to improve and relaunch some of its main tools and offer new exciting opportunities to all eTwinners. Don’t miss any of them by keeping posted on the eTwinning Portal!

The agendas to the new Continuous Professional Development activities will be published during September. In the meantime, you can have a look at the resources from last year’s online seminars, which are available on the Progress section.

Welcome back to school!

A new TwinSpace for better collaboration

The TwinSpace, the eTwinning’s safe collaborative platform for schools, has been completely redeveloped and it will be relaunched during the week of 22 September. A new design and a whole range of new tools will simplify and enhance the collaboration among teachers and students within the projects.

All new eTwinning projects approved after the launching day will benefit from the new TwinSpace, which will include new communication tools, such as a chat system which allows group and individual conversations. More information will be provided soon on the eTwinning Portal.

What’s going on in schools?

Project of the Month
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Women in Science

In this project students will research the role of women in science along the History and nowadays. They will investigate the life and contribution to the development of science of some prominent scientist women. Students will make enquiries on the presence of women in different fields of Science in their countries at present. The results will be shared and a reflection on the figures obtained will be made.

Quality Label of the Month
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Yesterday, today and after

The project investigates into the life some 60 ago, today and what the future might be. Pupils should find out that living in different times and countries makes the becoming of Europe clear. It also teaches the pupils that open borders have led to more migration and integration.

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Don’t get bored over the summer: check out the resources from the first online seminars

The eTwinning Online Seminars are live communication sessions on different topics related to teaching and learning. The participation in the webinars is limited to teachers registered on eTwinning, but the recordings and presentations are made available on the Portal.


Keep in mind the Quality Label criteria when you plan your eTwinning project

The six criteria necessary for all eTwinning projects to be awarded a Quality Label have been just updated. Have a look at the new requirements and learn some tips to achieve them all.