December 2014

Kits and Projects Gallery relaunched

The Kits and Project Gallery sections on the eTwinning portal have been completely redesigned and made more pedagogically relevant by teachers for teachers. This includes a brand new layout and new features.

What is new? All featured projects have been mapped according to the 8 Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. The eTwinning kits are now more practical and interactive - You can download the kit in PDF version, as well as rate, comment and browse other teachers’ opinions on the kit. The Project Gallery collects more resources and materials linked to the projects, such as videos and interviews with teachers and students involved.

New book on eTwinning and Key Competences

The eTwinning Central Support Service has just released its latest publication, “Developing pupil competences through eTwinning”. The book explores the 8 Key Competences for Lifelong Learning and how they can be addressed at school through the eTwinning projects, using as an example some of the most successful projects.

The book is also an interactive tool - it collects resources and links to online material related to the highlighted projects, such as videos, teachers and students’ testimonies and step-by-step kits. A PDF copy in English can be downloaded now from the eTwinning Portal. The publication will be translated in all eTwinning languages in early 2015.

What’s going on in schools?

Project of the Month
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Bully Busters

The project is aimed at dealing with the growing phenomenon of bullying at school. The problem is very serious as nowadays apart from physical violence, more often students suffer from virtual one. It seems crucial to prevent such behaviour already at the lower level of education, i.e. primary school. As quite many European schools have to deal with this problem, it maybe be beneficial to share the experience. Students will try to find a solution of how to stand against bullying both as a victim and witness. Creating materials concerning anty-bullying campaign at school (ppt, posters, short movies) students can share their own experience, prevent aggressive behaviour and defend themselves against violence at school.

Quality Label of the Month
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Young European Writers Society

Intercultural dialogue through art and creative writing. The whole project is based on European culture heritage. It encourages young Europeans to discover what they can share and learn from the others through concrete tasks in connection with art.

From the eTwinning Portal


How has eTwinning influenced your teaching? – Winners unveiled!

The eTwinning Weeks 2014 competition has come to a close. A total of 398 eTwinners from 33 different countries told us how eTwinning has enhanced their teaching skills.


eTwinning Plus launches a new exciting phase full of new opportunities

Based on the success of the first phase of the programme, teachers are now able to found their own projects and are eligible for Quality Labels and European Prizes.