January 2015

More CPD opportunities in 2015!

We hope you had a pleasant winter break. The New Year will bring to eTwinning more training opportunities, including a new edition of the Ambassadors course, 20 Learning Events, 5 Professional Development Workshops and 10 Online Seminars, twice as many as last year! The new CPD agendas will be published soon on the eTwinning Portal, keep posted!

The eTwinning team wishes you a happy 2015.

eTwinning celebrates its 10th Anniversary

In 2015, eTwinning will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a full programme of activities which will be organised all across Europe during the entire year. This includes a special logo and hymn, an “eTwinning Day” that will take place in all eTwinning countries simultaneously, and much more! More information will be provided soon – get ready to celebrate eTwinning’s birthday in your school!

eTwinning was launched in January 2005 as an initiative of the European Commission to encourage all the schools in Europe to form a collaborative partnership using different types of ICT. After 10 years, eTwinning has grown steadily to become the biggest community for schools in Europe, with over 280,000 teachers and 130,000 schools registered.

What’s going on in schools?

Project of the Month
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Culinary traditions in Czech Republic and France

Collaborative project in English about our pupils' food habits and about the culinary traditions and recipes of Czech Republic and France ending in the edition of a magazine.

Quality Label of the Month
What is the Quality Label?

Physical Awareness 13-14

During their Physical Education classes students will experiment what they learned during the Physics and Maths classes, so they can become aware of the reasons of the motion, the balance, the rotations and learn to control their body.

From the eTwinning Portal


The Kits and Projects Gallery sections have been relaunched

A new design! All featured projects mapped according to the 8 Key Competences for Lifelong Learning.


eTwinning launches a new book on Key Competences

The new publication, entitled “Developing pupil competences through eTwinning”, was launched during the annual conference held in Rome (Italy) from 27 to 29 November.