March 2015

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia joined eTwinning!

We are pleased to announce that Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia have just joined eTwinning. All schools and teachers from these countries can now register in the Platform, take part in projects, enrol in the different Continuing Professional Development opportunities and enjoy all eTwinning activities. The Platform is now available in Albanian.

For further information and details from the new countries’ National Support Services, please check out the eTwinning portal. On behalf of the whole network, we welcome the new countries and wish them the best of luck in eTwinning!

European Prizes 2015: Winners!

The winners of the eTwinning Prizes 2015 competition have been just announced! The prizes reward projects that have achieved outstanding results in the main quality criteria, such as pedagogical innovation, collaboration and creative use of ICT. The winners have been selected by a European jury from over 130 submissions - You can find the entire list on the eTwinning Portal.

The winning projects and runners up will be invited to take part in the eTwinning Prize event, which will take place in Brussels from 6 to 9 May. The event will include the awards ceremony, different workshops for teachers and students and special surprises to celebrate eTwinning’s 10th Anniversary! More information will come soon on the eTwinning Portal and the 10th Anniversary mini website.

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Getting in touch with food again - Making Europeans responsible consumers

This three-year project will concentrate on the global food market and its implications for the environment. It also will have a closer look at seasonal regional products and Green Logistics. Another important topic of the project are the balanced and healthy diet, sustainable and biological farming and genetically modified food. At every meeting students will make presentations on the topics of the certain meeting. By the end of the project students will develop posters advertising all the topics of the project.

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Teacher for a Day

The students, helped by their teachers, plan a lesson about a subject matter using CLIL methodology.Then they present the lesson to their class or another. The lessons will be video recorded and/or there will be Skype connections. All the material produced will be uploaded in the eTwinning platform. There will forum for discussions, exchange of ideas and materials. There will be the creation of a collaborative network among teachers and students all over Europe.

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eTwinning Online Moderators Course: a great success!

The eTwinning community is continuously growing! To respond to the needs of our lively community and equip teachers with essential skills to support and promote eTwinning, we launched in 2014 the Online Moderators course. Online moderation involves a combination of guidance and moderation, long-term engagement, content creation, listening and reporting, and analysis and strategic input.


The School Education Gateway: a new pan-European website for schools!

Looking for a single point of entry for European-level actions and initiatives for schools? A new website, the School Education Gateway, is here with information and resources in 23 languages!