April 2015

We reached 300,000 registered teachers in eTwinning!

This year, we celebrate not only the 10th anniversary of eTwinning, but also the eTwinner number 300,000! We reached this magic number last 4 March, when an Italian upper secondary teacher registered on the platform.

To celebrate this landmark, the eTwinner 300K was interviewed by the Italian National Support Service and received a special present: a package of eTwinning books and few goodies. More information about this celebration will be shared on the eTwinning Platform. Congratulations to the lucky teacher, and welcome to eTwinning!

eTwinning day: celebrate it at school!

In the framework of the eTwinning 10th anniversary, we want to establish a new annual celebration: the eTwinning day. The aim of this festivity, which will take place simultaneously in all eTwinning countries on 7 May, is to have fun at school, celebrate and spread the word about eTwinning.

What will your school do? You can choose between a human logo and a balloon release, it’s up to you. But don’t forget to share some pictures and videos about the activity on your Social Media accounts on 7 May, using the official hashtag: #eTwinningDay. Learn more about the eTwinning day on the portal.

Join us for the first ever annual eTwinning day!

What’s going on in schools?

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Linking Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurial skills internationally

Since links between schools and the world of work are often very fragile, we think it is fundamental for the school system to encourage work experiences, to strengthen the connection between school curricula and the workplace. The rationale of our project is to intensify the opportunities of all young people including those with special educational needs and those who are disadvantaged through their social circumstances, by ensuring they have the transferable skills and qualities to guide them through further education and into employment as employees, employers and as entrepreneurs.

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Sing together

Each classroom find 4, 5 or 6 words (words about peace) in his own language. Then, each classroom tell them, without any music at first. In a second time, we can add rhythm (with the bodies or the instruments). It will be add together and the children will tell to the others a long song of peace.

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eTwinning launches a new mini website for its 10th anniversary

This new space will collect all the information you need to know on the celebrations so you won’t miss out on any activities.


Spotted: eTwinning mobile stations travelling across Europe!

The eTwinning travelling mobile stations “SouthTwin” and “NorthTwin” will travel across Europe to spread awareness about eTwinning among teachers, headmasters, parents and pupils. Keep track of their itinerary on the roadmap and visit them in your country!