May 2015

Developing pupil competences through eTwinning: Available in 25 languages

eTwinning latest book, Developing pupil competences through eTwinning, can be now downloaded on the eTwinning Portal in 25 languages. Find your language here.

The publication explores the 8 Key Competences for Lifelong Learning and how they can be addressed at school through the eTwinning projects. Each chapter includes experts’ analysis, and teachers and pupils’ testimonies, on how students worked and acquired different skills by participating in some of the most successful eTwinning projects.

Wanted: former eTwinning students

Teachers, are you still in touch with your former pupils who took part in your eTwinning projects? Do you think they have nice memories to share? Do you believe eTwinning influenced their subsequent career or life decisions?

We are looking for former eTwinning students who participated in eTwinning projects in the years 2005, 2006 and/or 2007. These ex eTwinners will be interviewed and portrayed in our next annual book and on the 10th Anniversary mini website. If you know any good candidate, please contact us at For further information about the call and selection process, please check out the eTwinning Portal.

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Free time activities

Nowadays more and more children spend their free time in front of TV, PC and other modern technologies rather than going out, doing some sports or any other free time activities. We would like to make a project how children spend their free time, what their favourite activities are. They can introduce themselves, make some presentation about themselves, exchange them to find out how different or the same their activities are depending on seasons and countries.

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Laugh Out Loud!

The jokes are a way of expressing cultural characteristics of people, communities of people, age groups. The different way of expression will be strongly promoted through the anecdotes that each group participating will project in the program. Also the use of different words-phrases used by each group will be highlighted. Students will come into contact with other classmates from school abroad, they will get to know each other, exchange ideas, opinions and information about their school and their daily lives, they will narrate and record anecdotes, choose the best of them, and create skits that will be edited visually and musically, to be presented and uploaded on the internet.

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Erasmus+ Tools for schools and teachers: available in 23 languages on the School Education Gateway

Launched in January 2015, the School Education Gateway website attracted almost 50,000 visitors in its first two months. The website helps teachers and other education stakeholders stay informed about European actions for schools.


Check out the new CPD agendas and don’t miss any training opportunity!

The eTwinning training opportunities have got off to a great start in 2015! The first Learning Event, Augmented reality in eTwinning, which took place from 17 to 26 February, brought together over 100 teachers in its final activity, a Twitter chat.