June 2015

The eTwinning Day: a big success!

With over 3 million impressions and more than 3,000 messages shared on Twitter and Instagram, the #eTwinningDay was a huge success! Celebrated in conjunction with the eTwinning Prize ceremony on 7 May 2015, schools from all over Europe celebrated the 10th anniversary of eTwinning by creating human logos, baking cakes, dancing, etc. You can find a selection of the videos and pictures shared on 7 May on the 10th Anniversary mini-website, our Flickr, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Thank you, eTwinners, for joining the very first eTwinning Day!

Did you miss the Prize ceremony in Brussels? Check out the pictures, videos and wrapping up articles. The eTwinning team wishes you a nice summer vacation, the newsletter will be back in September with more exciting news!

Check out the new eTwinning “Featured Groups”

Did you know that the eTwinning Groups have been relaunched? In a brand new platform, we have opened a set of new eTwinning “Featured Groups” on topics like languages teaching, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability in education, STEM or Inclusive teaching.

eTwinning Groups are private platforms for eTwinners to discuss and work together on a specific theme. They are run by a trained moderator who propose different CPD activities and facilitates participation. To browse and join them, just log in to your eTwinning Desktop, go to the “Groups” tab and click the “Join” button. For further information about the eTwinning Featured Groups, check out the eTwinning Portal.

What’s going on in schools?

Project of the Month
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Clichés and stereotypes

A project to confirm or contradict the cliches and stereotypes of different European countries. The students will write 10 sterotypes about each country which will be transformed into a questionnaire about experiences and habits which will be answered by students from that country. The results will show whether they should believe all stereotypes.

Quality Label of the Month
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Landsurveyors without borders

This project is about landsurveying (topography). Students will write puzzles about places in their countries (toponymy, part of a topographic position, surroundings …) After solving the puzzles, the partners will prepare records that will be gathered to make a virtual tourist guide.

From the eTwinning Portal


Wanted: former eTwinning students for our new book!

Teachers, are you still in touch with your former pupils who took part in your eTwinning projects? We need your help to reach out to the “veteran” eTwinning pupils for our new book!


How much has eTwinning grown?

As we are celebrating the 10th birthday of eTwinning this year, we would like to show to all eTwinners how much our community has grown in the past decade. Check out the infographic we created in collaboration with the Spanish National Support Service (NSS)!