September 2015

Start the school year on a good foot – Sign up for a Learning Event!

Are you ready for the new school year? Have a look at the new Learning Events agenda for this autumn, which includes over ten short courses in three different languages (English, Italian and Spanish). They cover a wide range of topics: how to introduce coding or outdoor activities into your classes, tips to increase the quality of your eTwinning projects, etc. Some of the courses are suitable for all eTwinners, while others focus on specific school roles, like ICT administrators or head teachers.

Find the Learning Events full list and learn how to apply here. The new Online Seminars agenda will be published soon too - Don’t forget you can find all the resources here. Welcome back to school!

eTwinning goes Live!

eTwinning is a living community of over 300,000 teachers from Europe and beyond. The eTwinning Desktop, the place where collaboration starts, has been completely redeveloped and will be relaunched during the week of 21 September. It will be renamed “eTwinning Live”, because the new platform will improve the networking aspect and help you keep track of what’s going on in the entire community.

It will also include new tools and features to facilitate collaboration, like a new web conferencing system available for all eTwinners to organise and run their own online events. Any registered teacher will be also able to open and moderate his own eTwinning group. More information will come soon, keep posted!

What’s going on in schools?

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It is your turn

Students will elaborate a collection of boarding games to have a fun while playing and learning English. The games will be published in ebook for easy printing and playing. The only extra things they will need is free on-line app to create games based on vocabulary, grammar practicing, communication topics and more.

Quality Label of the Month
What is the Quality Label?

Words from everywhere - Palabras de aquí y de allá

Creating a project around the poetry and the words where we will work different authors of our countries and will play with the words. We firmly believe that poetry and words can work across technologies, and can reach around the world. Through poetry and words we intend to approach learning in collaboration among partners through web 2.0 tools and 3.0.

From the eTwinning Portal


Hackathon ENABLE

Looking for a way to help your students combine social and emotional learning with activities to boost their digital skills? The ENABLE Hackathon is what you’re looking for!


Put a Plus to your eTwinning project!

Are you planning a new eTwinning project? Did you know you can involve also partners from eTwinning Plus countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Tunisia, Ukraine)? This year projects from the Eastern Partnership countries were rewarded for the first time during the European eTwinning Prize ceremony. Have a look here at the winning projects, examples of great collaboration across Europe and beyond!