November 2015

Check out the list of schools awarded the European Quality Label

The list of schools awarded the European Quality Label has been just published. You will find here the school and teachers’ names and more information on the project that got them their Quality Label.

Is your project on the list? Participate in the European eTwinning Prize Competition! The applications will open soon on eTwinning Live, keep posted for more information. To join the competition, projects must have been awarded the European Quality Label in any year of the project’s lifespan and they must have been active in the 2014-2015 school year.

Virgilio, your new guide to the eTwinning world!

Are you a new eTwinner? Have you been around for a while, but still have doubts on how to set up a project or perform any other basic actions? Just like Virgilio helped Dante find his way to Heaven in "Divina Commedia", Virgilio group will help you find your way in the eTwinning world!

Run by three experienced ambassadors, this new group will support you wherever you are in your eTwinning journey. Would you like to join? Just click on “join group” here and take the quiz “Which eTwinner are you?” to find your starting point. Many networking forums, webinars, live helpdesk events and other activities are waiting for you in this new group!

What’s going on in schools?

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Top 10 important chemical substances in our life

In the beginning, students will investigate what chemical substances are the most important in everyday life. Students will elaborate different products (videos, e-book) about the important of each substance in correlation with the composition, structure, properties and its influence on human health and quality of life. Then, by cooperation between the partner schools, they will develop the Top of 10 important chemical substances in our life.

Quality Label of the Month
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Travelling myths

This project is about taking an insight into the world of myths and tales around Europe. Pupils will come in contact with foreign traditional, folk stories and use their creativity to make a new one all together.

From the eTwinning Portal


eTwinning 2015 annual conference: focus on active citizenship!

eTwinning, the community for schools in Europe that has taught nearly two million pupils how to work together, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and organizes its annual conference in Brussels from 22-24 October 2015!


eTwiam: Twitter chats for eTwinners!

Did you know? In the framework of eTwinning 10th Anniversary the European Network of eTwinning Ambassadors has launched a Social Media activity for eTwinners: Twitter Chats!