January 2016


eTwinning Generation, celebrating ten years of eTwinning

‘eTwinning Generation, celebrating ten years of eTwinning’ provides accounts, insights and experiences from the first eTwinning generation. The book explores how eTwinning impacted not only the lives of students, but entire schools and communities.

Intellectual Property Rights and data protection

eTwinning is the largest network of teachers in the world. As an online network a key feature to the success of eTwinning is eSafety, and responsible use of the internet as a tool in education. In April 2015 a new group was launched alongside all eTwinning featured groups on eSafety. This group allows users to become familiar with critical issues related to data protection, intellectual property and digital citizenship. This group on eTwinning Live has been active in sharing information, promoting discussions on responsible use of digital tools and hosted a couple webinars on themes of eSafety.

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Sing Together

This project will be about exchanging folk songs with different partners, who are currently still joining the project. We are planning the following activities: 1) introducing each other perhaps through videos or photos 2) introducing the school perhaps also through videos or powerpoint presentations 3) deciding which songs to exchange and how many 4) meeting for a video conference into order to get acquainted and exchange the songs. In this case the pupils would meet partners and try to teach/learn folk songs (with focus on pronunciation), later they would translate the lyrics) 5) meeting for a video conference/concert on eTwinning, i.e. exchanging the songs 6) making a video for one chosen folk song. Some other activities might emerge during the process of the project.

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From the Paintbrush of Little Artists

In this project we will share children’s’ drawings done at school with both art teachers and class teachers. We will comment about the drawings, learn about different mediums used to create the drawings and paintings and we will start a contest in which children vote for the best drawings and paintings from each country. The best two or three drawings from each country will be published in a book to keep as a memoire of the project. We can also learn about famous artists from each countries.

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Where is eTwinning now?

To celebrate ten years of eTwinning, we are looking at where is eTwinning standing now. Let’s take a glance at how eTwinning looks today.


eTwinning conference workshops online

Workshop presentations from the eTwinning conference are now online.