February 2016


2016 focus on digital citizenship

We are happy to officially announce and introduce the eTwinning theme of 2016: digital citizenship. A Digital citizen is one regularly uses the internet and information technology. As with all forms of citizenship, this includes rights, norms, responsibilities and freedoms. This year we will include digital citizenship in our activities and learning events.

Self-Teaching Materials

A new section on eTwinning Live will be launched entitled Self-Teaching Materials. The section is meant to be used as a tool to help orientate eTwinners, both experienced and new, to features of the website and guide users to all areas of the platform to familiarize them with all areas. Over the coming weeks the self-teaching materials website will be increasingly complete and published in all languages. We encourage all eTwinners to make themselves familiar with the chapters available.

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Project of the Month
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Innovative project

We are starting a project using/recycling waste materials to develop creativity. In this project students can develop their hand-craft skills and creativity, while having fun when creating a new innovative product in this project. I expect high participation because it is both easy to find waste material and it is economical.

Quality Label of the Month
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Go Green the Rubbish hunters

In this project we are planning to build up awareness on environmental issues. The aim of the project is to raise awareness about environmental problems, one of which is rubbish. We aim to create a community and share ideas on environmental problems in our countries.

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eTwinning report translations available

At last year’s eTwinning conference in Brussels, we published a report entitled, “eTwinning 10 years on: Impact on teachers’ practice, skills, and professional development opportunities”. The report is now available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish. You can access the various translations of the report online on the eTwinning publications page.


Play your part for a better internet on Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet day is February 9th 2016, we will like to share what eTwinning does to promote e-safety. Furthermore as safety and safe use of the internet is a cornerstone of digital citizenship, this would be a ideal event to start off an orientation in what it means to be a digital citizen.