March 2016


New eTwinning professional development opportunities

The Professional Development Workshops, Learning Events and Online Seminars’ agendas for the current semester has been updated. This spring will see 13 new Learning Events, five Online Seminars, and four Professional Development Workshops taking place, in Italian, Slovakian, English, and Portuguese.

European Prizes 2016: Winners!

The winners of the eTwinning Prizes 2016 competition have been just announced! The prizes reward projects that have achieved outstanding results in the main quality criteria, such as pedagogical innovation, collaboration and creative use of ICT. The winners have been selected by a European jury from over 202 submissions - You can find the entire list on the eTwinning Portal.

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The European world of aeronautics KA219

This project aims to explore advances of Aeronautics in Europe and ensuring students observe, collect data, and communicate. This project gives students the chance to experience some real-life applications of mathematics, physics, and ICT. Our topic intends to encourage pupils to think about how aeronautics is designed in Europe, and learn new developments.

Quality Label of the Month
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I am a woman, a man but above of all I am a human (HUWOMAN)

Girls and women in particular experience violence at home, at work, in public and on the internet. Physical, sexual and psychological violence are very serious human rights violations. It is time to take action against it!

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New project kits available!

Inspired to start a new eTwinning project, but not sure where to start? Six new project kits have been added to the onto the eTwinning portal. The project kits gallery is a repository featuring step-to-step guides to getting started on an eTwinning project.


Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships

The European Commission funds programmes to foster collaboration in education across Europe – eTwinning is the largest of these initiatives, providing a platform for over 150,000 schools to learn together, such as a project where students from different countries collaborate to make guitars from non-tropical woods.