April 2016


‘eTwinning Generation’ available in 26 languages

Last year, as part of the events celebrating 10 years of eTwinning, a call was put out to the eTwinning network for teachers to contact their former pupils and share their experiences in eTwinning. A book featuring stories from 44 students from 11 different countries, who collaborated on 34 different projects with pupils from across Europe. ‘eTwinning Generation’ provides a great insight into the many ways in which both students and teachers develop through taking part in an eTwinning project.


As part of the 10-year anniversary of eTwinning, 6,000 eTwinning teachers took part in a study to measure the impact of the project at school level. Read more about eTwinning’s impact on teachers and highlights of the 10 years of eTwinning monitoring report.

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Expert system website: "Solve it yourself"

In this project a website is created based on bootstrap, PHP and MySQL. This will create a web-based tool that will walk users through a decision by asking appropriate questions about decision processes. A decision path for checking a network-connections is implemented and stored in the database. The interaction on the website is implemented with javascript and the jQuery-library. GitHub is used for collaboration on the code-level.

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Working together is easier

In this project we intend to bring pupils with special educational needs across different centers/schools in the European Union. Students with special educational needs but who have similar characteristics, needs, interests and hobbies. We intend to make the different activities and achieve goals such through different mediums. It’ll make working together much easier.

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Highlight on Prize Winners

This year, eTwinning has created short project cards on the prize winners. These project cards give a snapshot on the 2016 European Prize winners.


STM accessible on the Portal

The self-teaching materials launched in February are now found in various parts of the Portal and eTwinning Live. On the portal the self-teaching materials are found on the home page under European corner and under the Progress section. Under eTwinning Live you can find the self-teaching materials via the question mark on your progress bar. The Self-teaching materials are used to help you go deeper into your eTwinning journey. The quizzes in all section can only be taken once, so make sure to go through the materials first.