April 2017


Have your say on Erasmus+

As part of the mid-term review of Erasmus+, the European Commission is carrying out a public consultation open to everyone, individuals and organisations: this is your chance to tell how to improve the programme. The consultation is set to run from March until May 2017, and all those interested in submitting a response are encouraged to do so via the online questionnaire. You can also help us measure the difference the programme is making for learners and staff by participating in our online survey.

The survey is different from the public consultation, because it will help us gain a more specific understanding of the impact of the Erasmus+ programme by comparing the changes in attitudes, competences and behaviours of learners and staff as a result of mobility. For this reason, we are interested to hear from all learners and staff, also from those who have not participated in any international mobility or cooperation programme. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes. Please follow the link to the registration page for the survey. Thank you very much in advance for sharing your views and ideas!

This April we launch our eTwinning Spring Campaign!

Our spring campaign is dedicated on 'Inclusion', hoping mostly, to inspire eTwinners to set up projects related with inclusion, and give voice to schools involved in inclusion.

We start this campaign in a fun way! We launch the 'Prism of Inclusion', an online treasure hunt for eTwinners and their pupils of any age. Participate, solve the riddles, and win prizes! Good luck to all of you!

From the eTwinning Portal


European Prizes: Winners 2017

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year's eTwinning Prizes 2017 competition.


United for a better Internet: How eTwinning supported Safer Internet Day 2017

On 7 February, Safer Internet Day was celebrated all around the globe. Under the theme of “Be the change: Unite for a better internet”, eTwinners around Europe contributed to the celebrations.