May 2018

eTwinning Day 2018

The 9th May marks eTwinning Day and the end of the Spring Campaign. We invite all eTwinners to join and celebrate eTwinning’s annual theme, Cultural Heritage.To celebrate eTwinning and Cultural Heritage in schools, we are inviting teachers to get creative with their students and recreate a European artwork of their choice! Everyone is welcome to join and share. Happy eTwinning Day!


Europeana – eTwinning’s cultural friend!

Europeana Collections allow users to access a shared heritage with over 50 million digitised items including books, music, artworks, films and much more. Milena Popova, Business Development Manager of Europeana, gave eTwinning insightful information on how teachers, and students can benefit from the opportunities that Europeana offers to its users, and how eTwinners can run successful projects on cultural heritage by accessing the numerous collections provided by Europeana.

From the eTwinning Portal


“Move2Learn - Learn2Move” eTwinning moments

The objective of the initiative was to give young people who had been involved in an eTwinning project the opportunity to travel to another country in Europe, individually or with their school class. Around 5,000 young people from eTwinning are expected to travel during the course of 2018.


2018 – 2019 eTwinning School Label awards

eTwinning would like to congratulate the 1,212 schools that have been awarded the eTwinning School Label 2018-2019.