September 2018

Welcome back eTwinners!

We hope that you had a great summer. We missed you greatly, and that is why we have come back bearing gifts. We have five brand new kits for you as well as the new infosheet “Beginning in eTwinning” where we give teachers just starting out with eTwinning all the information they need to know.


Monitoring eTwinning Practice

Do not miss the opportunity to self-assess your level of digital, pedagogical and collaborative competence, and receive personalised guidance through eTwinning activities. To get involved just click on the picture, and sign in with your eTwinning username and password.

From the eTwinning Portal


eTwinning - Combining entrepreneurship with Europe's Cultural Heritage

The “Entrepreneurship in Education” Group is for eTwinners who are interested in integrating entrepreneurial skills into their teaching. Entrepreneurship education is about enabling young people to develop the skills they need for life and work. These crucial skills are teachable and must be integrated into educational subjects at all levels.


eTwinning Prize Celebrations 2018

eTwinning celebrated the 2018 European Prize winners in Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain and Latvia.