May 2019

What is the impact of eTwinning on teachers’ practice and competences

The 2018 eTwinning Monitoring Report has been just published. The results of this large-scale monitoring activity, carried out via the analysis of hundreds of answers to a self-assessment survey and by a set of case studies, confirm that the involvement in eTwinning activities is linked to the improvement of teachers’ perceptions about their digital, pedagogical and collaborative competences.


eTwinning Schools Mission

 eTwinning Schools are leaders in the eTwinning world. Their school management and teacher leaders recognising the importance and values of eTwinning, embed it in the school’s policies, practice and professional development.

From the eTwinning Portal


eTwinning and Friends: Eco-Schools

Eco-Schools, the largest global sustainable schools programme is a friend of eTwinning. Eco-Schools greatest strength is that it produces generations of sustainably minded and environmentally conscious people and challenges students to engage in tackling environmental problems at a level where they can see tangible results, encouraging them to make a difference.